Marketing Services

SEO management is a vital arm of any business looking to maximise its online marketing potential. With a large amount of online business competing for the same cohort of clients, and the same coveted spots at the top of search results, it is an investment in the visibility and future of your company.

Unlike other advertising strategies, SEO is an organic process. It is not just a case of throwing money at an advertising campaign, but of nurturing your relationship with Google, Bing and Yahoo consistently, knowledgeably and to ensure you get where you want to be.

Website SEO

Dynamix Creative works to integrate intelligent web design with SEO expertise to ensure search results go your way and highlight your brand. We work to give your website and brand maximum search engine appeal whilst maintaining optimum user-friendliness and attraction.

Some of our keys to ensuring SEO include the application of meta-tags, and the use of faultless, organic English incorporating appropriate keyword density. We also update regularly for broken links, code structures and duplicate copy, all of which diminish your Google ranking.

Off-site SEO

Brand and web presence are not exclusively established through your website. External links and sites also have an important role to play. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course blog sites and presence in forum discussions, all help to maintain and heighten brand awareness, encourage sharing and customer loyalty.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Pay Per Click advertising comes with a cost, when a potential client clicks on a link which appears to one side or above or below search engine results, but can be an effective method of increasing traffic to your site, and also of increasing your organic SEO position. PPC advertisements appear in highly visible areas of search pages. Their effectiveness is dependent, however, on how closely keywords reflect customers’ searches, and how closely the keywords relate to your website copy.